Yummy Street Food in HK

There used to be a time in Hong Kong when you can find street vendors everywhere selling you snacks..usually at a busy street corner or along the parks.  no longer.  the government cracked down due to health and safety reasons…so now you need to know where to go, and find the vendors with legit stores.  It’s definitely less fun…but when you do find it, it’s still yummy.

my ultimate favourite HK snack food….drum roll please….Egg Bubbles!  (some call it egg puffs/ egg waffles / Eggies).  It’s essentially a waffle type recipe that is pressed into these honeycomb bubble shape, soft in the inside, and crunchy outside.  best when eaten pipping hot.


As the night draws on, you see more people lining up for street food as a late night snack.  Some snacks are more appealing than others..but to each their own.  HK is famous for this snack called “Stinky Tofu”.  the name alone should deter you.  I’m not a fan as i can’t get pass the pungent smell, but know many that are nuts over it.


There’s also yummy street food in small cramped restaurants. Nick and I found the best place for dumplings and congee and snacks – for $1 CAD a plate!  it was supposed to be our afternoon snack – but we ended up ordering 7-8 dishes because it was so cheap and so good!


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