Working it @ Aventura Spa Palace

Location: Riviera Maya
When: Oct 2011
A work conference for a week brought me to Aventura Spa Palace and Resort.  First impression was that it was quite grand.  Big entrance way, lots of staff about.  Though it was an incredibly slow registration process.  Caribbean style i guess.  I checked in a day early ahead of the 400 hundred other conference guests that will be arriving, for which i’m glad.   It’s a big resort, with each section distinguished by a different musical instrument.  tested my grade 9 music knowledge of bass and strings.

The room is very spacious.  king size bed, big Jacuzzi tub, modern yet cozy.  balcony over looks the grounds

the only down side to the resort is the lack of a real beach.  there is a lagoon area which is an inland bay with salt water.  plus the main pool.  looks very nice and relaxing – unfortunately as it was a work event, didn’t get much time to enjoy.  The first day arrival I got in an hour of sun and pool time, which was nice, as the rest of the week of hurricane preparation weather.  (more of that below)




The food was good for  what i consider “conference food”, lots of free flowing alcohol available.  in room, and by request.  I got to spend 3 hours at the spa, and that was EXCELLENT.  the spa facility is definitely top notch, with pools, saunas, and nice serene atmosphere.  Too bad that was the one and only time i got to spend there. the rest of the week was spent in the conference centre.

by the 3rd day we were there, Hurricane Rina was blowing through the Coastal region of Mexico, with direct hit into Cancun, which is only 30 mins from our resort.  It was schedule to hit at category 3 by Thursday.  can see the preparation going on all over the place – shutters up, all loose chairs/tables outside were brought in, coconuts were chopped down (smart foresight – must be from previous experiences…).  the day before it was suppose to hit, majority of guests had departed into the crazed airport trying to fly home.  Aventura Spa Palace is actually a hurrican shelter for local regions and resorts.   Which means if the hurricane really hits, we would be evacuated into the conference centre. it eventually got downgraded to category 1, and then finally into a tropical storm.  much ado about nothing.



Overall, this was a nice resort, a little too “corporate” to get the intimacy feel, but certainly has the grandness to make up for it.

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