Wandering Around Washington DC

April 2011 mini getaway to Washington DC
main purpose: Cherry Blossom Festival!
side purpose: explore all the wonderful architectural buildings around town
side side purpose: visit Papersource & Georgetown cupcakes

Transportation: Drove from Toronto to Washington DC. Total 9.5 hours through a lot of small towns of America.

Once we were there however, we walked and walked and WALKED. good thing i brought walking shoes. Between day 1 and day 2 – it’s straight 10 hours of walking a day. My feet hated me by the 3rd day. But there were certainly beautiful pictures to take a long the way.

The entire Washington National Mall area + White House Area + Tidal Basin is easily a day’s worth of walking and enjoying. Washington has so many grand structures, even a “normal” government agency gets a grandiose building to call home. There are also numerous memorials – for all the wars that US has been part of.

aside from the wonderful buildings – we also discovered some cool finds: the Dupont Circle Farmer’s market on Sundays + the Southwest Waterfront’s seafood market under the freeway (raw or cooked seafood – so many choices!) We also had time for the International Spy Museum – no pictures allowed, but certainly did not know all the spying that has been going on for centuries. it’s definitely a cool museum to visit (this coming from the couple who normally don’t like museums)

Here’s the total walking map of the main Washington area. my feet hurt just looking at the map. The map doesn’t include us wandering over to the Capitol Hills/Union Station/Chinatown area.


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