In Search of Pandas! in Chengdu/Woloong

Part 1 & 2 + Baby Panda called Ankle Biter!

Petrina and Nick’s Asia trip – stop in Woolong outside Chengdu to fulfill one of Petrina’s dreams. To hug and play with Pandas!!!!  We started our adventure a 6am in the morning by being picked up by our Panda Adventure guide Mickal and off we went.  After 3 hours of driving on barely paved and rocky roads, through tunnels that were still under construction and around mammoth boulders that fell off the mountain cliffside onto the road, we arrived at the Woolong breeding centre.  After paying a modest fee $150 USD, Pettie and I got to step inside a Panda sanctuary to make one of Petrina’s dreams come true!

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