Under the sea in Mexico

While in Mayan Riviera in Oct 2011, a group of my work colleagues took a day to go scuba diving. It was quite an unique group as we were from all over Canada, but all share the love of scuba diving – some more than the rest – as we had some that are master scuba divers, master instructors and advanced divers. I was definitely the newbie in the group – never felt safer – even Nick agreed when I told him who I was diving with.

Looking back at my PADI log book, we had great visibility: approx 100 ft. it was a 2 tank dive: 65 ft for 45 mins, and 45 ft for 65 mins.


The best memories from the dives were meeting a barracuda fish – which looked a lot more scarier in “finding Nemo” and in google image searches. I didn’t even know it was a predator until after we came back up (probably a good thing in case i panic).


and at one point, our group was surrounded by a large 2000+ school of fish.  (we approximated the number)

We also met a string ray at the sandy bottom of our 2nd dive. One of my colleague used my underwater camera and swam behind it for 2 minutes while capturing it in video.

Thanks to my surprise group of colleagues for sharing this experience with me: Mark, Miles, Adam, Greg, Jerome, and Rob!


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