to go or not to go to Japan

2 days after the worst earthquake ever in Japan…now we are trying to figure out if we should continue our planned trip in April (3.5 weeks away). everyday something new escalates the dire situation: 8.9 earthquake, tsunami, nuclear meltdown (possibly), and now volcano?! holy crap, how much more does Japan have to endure?! heart and prayers goes out to those with family and love ones in Japan.

our trip was planned for April 7th – though we are planning Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka, which isn’t directly affected by the earthquake…the nuclear situation is alarming.

Many travel websites say that tourist industry can help the recovery effort, and that the central locations are ok and more or less like normal. possible delays from trains and airline schedules. rolling blackouts? shops/streets closed? would the mood be the same? would it be better to cancel and go another time. stay at home and help via red cross?

hmm…to go or not to go…

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