St. Petersburg – land of ice cream

part 4 of the 2006 European trip – St. Petersburg.   Which I dubbed land of Ice cream.  it’s everywhere – every 5 feet is a new ice cream vendor and it’s super cheap. the cheapest ice cream cone I found I remembered to be about 20 cents Canadian.  =)  yum!!

lots of history here, but unfortunately, unless you are fluent in Russian, you’re gonna have to do a lot of research prior to understand.  Not a lot of people speak English.  We lucked out a few times and had kind strangers write instructions on napkins so that we can show the train fare lady where we want to go etc!  and knowing charades with hand gestures goes a long way too.

I would say, even if you are not familiar with Russian history/culture, the buildings in St. Petersburg are just amazing.  even getting into their metro is an experience.  not only are the platforms on 2, 3, 4th level down below, the escalator ride alone will amaze you.  We went on a ferry tour on the Neva River Ferry Tour, which after hours of walking is a nice break while seeing St Petersburg from the water side and various canals and tunnels.

Newsky Prospekt is the main strip for shopping and tourist services, including train ticket purchase, swan lake ticket purchase (yay!) and many others.  lots of beautiful churches along this way.  Special destination we hit was the Hermitage Musuem (the faberge egg collection was not available (boo)), Peteroff Palace, Peter & Paul Fortress, and the Summer Gardens

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