Review: Taboo Resort (Muskoka)

Near end of summer 2009, Nick and I went up to Muskoka region (Gravenhurst to be exact) to spend the weekend at Taboo Resort. It’s approx 2.5 hours drive north of Toronto by car. Wasn’t sure what to expect (i’m not the outdoorsy camping type), but I heard the golf course was fabulous. They were having a special: nine and dine. (play front nine holes and dinner as a package).

Plenty of road signs telling you that Taboo is near (though we did get turned around when we got into Gravenhurst). We got in late at night, so didn’t get a chance to see the view driving in. Inside the main building was spectacular. Not anything big in size, but certainly very modern and cozy with a large stone fireplace and couches welcoming you. Checked in no problem and was told where the rooms are. (valet service for the car as well).

We got the signature room, which was the modern newly redecorated room, with lake view. Not much of a lake view at night, as it was pitched dark outside. The room is very spacious and clean, large king size bed, fireplace and all the amenities you would expect. Impressed so far. Wandered back to the main lobby area, we settled down for a late meal at the Element Lounge. Food and presentation was excellent. though certainly not cheap. The gym and pool was across from us and we can see through the window that it was pretty sizable.

The next morning, we woke up at 5:30am (read: FIVE THIRTY AM) because we wanted to catch the sunrise. it was painful, but o so worth it. Looked out at hte balcony (we were on the 2nd level) – and indeed, we had a lake view. The Muskoka sunrise was beautiful. I did not expect it to be so lovely. The sky was purple and we walked around exploring the resort, catching the beauty of the moment. Sunrise was very short, within 20 mins, the sky was bright already, and the purple magic was gone. But then we got to really see the resort – beautiful lake surrounds the building, with a large dock surrounded by small boats, jet skis, and paddle boats.

Another building across from the main was the a formal dining room (for weddings/conferences) and a big outdoor covered patio. We had our lunch there.

Then came the golf. You get to the front lobby again, and ask for a shuttle to the golf side (which is across the street, pass the tennis courts and rental properties). A golf cart comes pulling in to shuttle you over. The course is extremely well taken care of. beautiful landscape and very challenging. I’m not a huge golfer, but I enjoyed being on the course a lot as it was very serene. actually full of animals apparently. On our 1st hole, a big family of turkeys was in the trees wandering around. On the 8th hole, a family of deer was grazing in the wild grass (actually between the tee box and the fairway). We didn’t realize the deers were there until after we teed off and was driving down the cart path and passed them. The deers didn’t even move. they were happily grazing and playing. We were able to get pretty close without scaring them off. didn’t want to disturb them so we continued on our way. then a Marshal came around (we thought we were being slow…) but turned out he was coming with a warning. Black bear was sighted on the cart path on hole 17! We never saw it, but kept an eye on it (for our safety as well as fascination). Overall, I agree – the golf was spectacular and worth every penny.

Overall, the resort is terrific. Lots of activities available – 3 different outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, kids club house, hiking trails, bikes, watersports, indoor pool, gym, and spa. Food (other than Element lounge) was just ok. I wasn’t super thrilled with it – things were way too salty for me and it just wasn’t as good for what the price was. (reference to the lunch patio food). We didn’t try the food at the formal dining area. Definitely a place I would come back. perhaps with a big group of friends – they have houses you can rent on their property – summer cottage anyone?

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