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My first experience flying with Porter – I give it an A.  It was awesome.  bye bye Air Canada (when possible).  Porter completely kicks AC’s you know what.

The flight was for Toronto to Boston, Sept 3rd, 2010 – for those that remembers – this was also the day Hurricane Earl was ravaging the east coast.  unluckily for us, our 2:30pm flight ended up being cancelled. We were notified via email (yay for blackberries!) the night before.   Porter had rescheduled us on the saturday morning flight – but we needed to arrive on friday.  So after 20 mins on hold to customer service, they were able to secure a flight for us on the 6:30am flight. no additional hassles required.

upon 5:30am (sky is still dark at this point).  We get to the edge of Toronto harbourfront where a ferry awaits.  this ferry is to take us to the airport, which you can literally throw a rock to.  well. others might. me, not so much.  the ferry “ride” lasts 2 mins.  and then you are ushered to check in and then…the Porter lounge.  As a normal traveler without special privileges of the elite classes – this was a foreign concept to me.  The Porter lounge is opened to everyone.  coffee/tea/cookies/water/pop awaits.  We sit on the couches and truly relax before the flight.

o, btw, you get 2 checked baggage allowance. no extra charge.  they also offer gate check if you like.  bonus points.

While on the flight – amazement #2 – they give you snacks – for FREE.  I confirmed via the attendant who handed me a snack box.
Me: er..great…how much?
Attendant:  miss, it’s free. enjoy!
Me:  (inside: woohOOOOO). thanks!

It was only a 2 hr flight, but it sure was enjoyable.  it was a small plane – but didn’t feel any more turbulence than a Boeing 777.  overall attitude and treatment was outstanding.  thanks Porter! I’m now a VIP of Porter’s.  well. gathering points to be.

As for the flight back from Boston, after the ferry ride onto Toronto soil, Porter offers a free shuttle bus to the Fairmont Royal York hotel – which is right across from Union station (also connected via underground) where TTC subway is.  30 mins later, we’re home!

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