Nuit Blanche – night of art appreciation

While Nick and I are often traveling and exploring different parts of the world – when there’s a chance to explore our own city, we take that chance.  We do it via Nuit Blanche – an annual event that goes from 7pm to 6am in the morning.  The entire Toronto downtown core (via zone a, b, and c) are covered with different art exhibits – some outdoors, some within different buildings.  The art exhibits are a range of performance arts, light installations, visual arts, abstract art, interactive art, or other form of art that I do not have a name for.

Mostly we find it fun to bundle up (it gets cold at night in October), and wander the city street with hundreds and thousands of people on the streets of Toronto.  some major roads are closed to cars, which makes it that much more fun to wander.   This year we started our trek at 11pm, and wandered throughout until 4:30am.    We decided to do the economical and environmental friendly thing by taking public transportation – TTC subway.  with a family day pass, we can ride the subway and streetcar system as much as we want.  and since parking is such a hassle with so many people wandering on foot, public transit is really the way to go.

Here’s selected pics – it’s really impossible to see everything – we stayed mostly in the core district of Yonge/bloor/front area.

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