– North American Chinese Invitational Volleyball Tournament…commonly known as “9men”…this is a north american volleyball tourney that is hosted by different cities every labour day weekend.  Nick has been playing 9men for 7 or so year now.  I’ve been “spectating” and being the Toronto Warrior’s unofficial photographer for 3 years.  2010 was my first year participating in a team – Toronto Swift!  This is the source of our labour day excursions for several years now.

One big difference with 9men – it’s played outdoors. no…not on sand. on concrete.  typically in a parking lot around china town area.  knee pads optional.

Another difference – they made up new rules.
for example:  you can throw the ball into the net and re-set it and it’s counted as one touch.
eg 2:  you can throw the ball down.
eg 3: you can scoop and lift the ball to your desire.
eg 4: there are 9 men on the court at the same time.

Only the men’s team play 9men.  The women’s team is still regular volleyball rules.  outdoor play still stands unless there’s substantial rain.

See the tourney’s official website:

NACIVT 2010 – Boston
NACIVT 2009 – LA
NACIVT 2008 – New York
NACIVT 2007 – San Francisco

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