Markets in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a place full of everything you would ever want to buy – cheaply as well.  not as cheap as what you would find in mainland China per say, but definitely cheaper than what you would find in North America.

It is usual for shops and kiosks of the same products/types to clump together on one street/section.  So if you know what you are looking for – and you find that area/street, you will be heaven!

I never quite noticed this market style before in previous visits to Hong Kong.  However, as I prepare for my wedding, there were a few things that I thought i would look into, which is how I come upon these 2 awesome areas:

Sham Shui Po (Kowloon) – area for beads, crystals, and ribbons. Ap Liu Street for electronic devices (apparently known as Mens market – versus the usual Ladies Market), and many other kiosks of random stuff!


Prince Edward area (Kowloon) – area for wedding related stuff, fish/aquarium market


Aside from these 2 new areas that we have never been to – we also go to our usual favourite areas for shopping: Kowloon Ocean Centre, Times Square in Causeway Bay, Mongkok for clothing.


yes, I love Hong Kong too!

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