First class all the way

I am obviously spoiled now.  Now that I’ve seen and experience how the other 1% lives – I will forever want to fly first class!!!  We decided to spend majority of our Aeroplan points on our honeymoon trip.  120K of points per person to fly via United with 2 connection flights.  (long story there involving Nick dealing with Aeroplan for a long time over the phone again in order to get our tickets with less than 4 connections and within 2 days of our desired dates).

My first time in anything but economy class – i was blown away!  I personally thought that the airline treats you differently (Nick thinks it’s just in my head) – and you get so much space!  a whole pod to your self – with remote controls, personal tv, and various drawers and counter space.


The service is top notch – the attention you get – drinks, food, towel, duvet covers.  I read the menu when I settled in, and was surprised at the number of dishes that will be served!  it was a full 4 course meal on real china – the quality was actually good.


They also give you this goody bag full of travel samples and useful items.

Yup, it was a terrific way to start our honeymoon! First class FTW!


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