Cruise Excursion #3: Zipping and Beaching

Port: Rotan, Honduras
Tour Operator: Gumbalimba Park Monkey Canopy Tours
Excursion: Canopy Zip Line & Tabyanna Beach
Cruise: Carnival Dream

There were lots of choices in excursions for Rotan that we were interested in. At the end, we chose to do something adventure as well as relaxing. Though Nick has done the zip line before, I haven’t, and he wanted me to experience it. then we chose the combo that gave us a chance to relax on the beach. Tabyanna beach is supposed to be one of the nicer beaches around and we were looking forward to a beach afternoon.

A mini bus met us at the port and brought us up and up the mountain to the top of Rotan. approx 20 mins or so up some steep inclines. we spotted a lot of other zip line tour companies along the way – but looked to be only mid way up. we got to the top of Rotan, literally, and was greeted by the tour operator. as a group was led to the safety equipment which was put on by the operators (we never touched any of the equipment). they went through some safety procedures and what you’re supposed to do. quite simple. you hand over your carabiner thing to the operator of that platform. they hook you in (you have to jump a little) which then you are more of less sitting in the air lifted by the cable. You then cross your ankles to tuck them in, and one hand goes up behind your gloved hand to skim the cable (as a method to brake/slow down), and other hand to hold on to the harness to stablize you. that’s about it.

however, whist standing on the first platform, i have to say i got a bit worried – how fast is it, is it safe, o m g, am i doing this. there were at least 6-8 operators with us. 2 or 3 of them are constantly zipping ahead of us so that they are ready to meet us, and 2 or 3 behind working the rest of the group. they showed us how it’s done, and then one by one we go! the first zip was nerve wrecking – just because i really didn’t have an idea how it will be. (Nick went first). but I have to say, it was no big deal and tons of fun! my biggest worry was whether there was any vertical drop – which i canNOT handle. but it was quite enjoyable. i didn’t even brake or slow myself down. when you approach the next platform, the guide will tell you to slow down or you naturally will. by the 2nd or 3rd platform, i started taking in my surrounding and really enjoyed the awesome views. We managed to take some videos too. check it out here.

took approx 45 mins overall – the experience was exhilarating – the operators very friendly and professional – i called them all monkeys cuz they were climbing and zipping along like they do it everyday (which i’m sure they do!). then the same van took us on a 5 mins ride to the Tabyanna beach. and what a relief – it was heaven – sparkling water, full facility change room with lockers you rent for $5 dollars, but get deposit of $2 back to store your stuff. there was a restaurant there, and the typical craft stands; girls asking if you want to braid your hair etc. We rented snorkel fins for $8 from a guy on the beach (we had the mask and breathing tube already). really got to enjoy ourselves and suntanned. Stayed there for another 3 hours or so (guesstimate of time)..and got the same van that took us back to the cruise port.

The entire excursion was just what we wanted – some adventure, and some relaxation. complete transportation the entire way so you don’t have to worry about anything. highly recommend!

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