Cruise Excursion #1 – Secret River

Port: Cozumel, Mexico
Excursion name: Secret River
Location: Playa del Carmen
Cruise: Carnival Dream

We weren’t sure what to expect from this excursion – the description was to go see hidden caves that was not opened to public until a few years ago. but we were gamed. To get there from the cruise ship involve a separate ferry to bring us to Playa Del Carmen. once on that side of the island, we were brought together into 2 vans to get to the site (approx 15 mins ride). they provide all the gear you need: wet suit (optional but recommended as the water in the caves are chilly); helmet with a headlamp strapped, and water shoes. unfortunately they don’t let you bring anything else with you. ie. no camera (even our underwater one). it’s not to protect your stuff, more to protect the eco system down there. fair enough. it’s really too dark to take pics anyways. they have a guide that runs beside you taking pics (obviously charges you for it at the end).

We scale down the ladder and we arrive in a different world. it was very cool. the formation of the rocks from water dripped down created this icicle effects over time. I think there are these types of caves in other parts of the world. but it was my first time seeing it. amazing. quite the adventure. you wade through knee deep water most of the time, watching your step through little hills and steps. there’s this one part where you have to swim (it was 8-10 feet deep). it was only a few mins of swim. but since i wasn’t a strong swimmer…it seems like a LONG time to me. good thing i had Nick to hold on to!

our guide did this cool thing. we got to somewhere in the middle, and he had us in a circle. he wanted us to really feel the cave and the spirituality of it. he had us all turn off our head lamps. it was pitched dark. you cannot see a thing. never seen dark until you are in a cave. feel for all and any miners that have ever been trapped inside caves. it’s truly a scary thing.

The entire expedition was approx an hour and a half or so. then they provided us with lunch and we got to see the pictures and purchase if desired (we did as there are some cool shots within the cave). This excursion had a good element of adventure and “newness” for us. we would recommend to others.

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