Cruise Excursion #4: Mayan Ruins

Port: Costa Maya
Excursion: Chaccohoben Mayan Ruins
Cruise: Carnival Dream

This excursion (our last) was unfortunately the worse in my opinion. perhaps it was the nature of the excursion – not adventure – just looking and wandering, or perhaps it was the crappy weather (the only day we got rain), but the combo didn’t make it fun nor exciting. thankfully it didn’t actually start raining until we were back to port.

We were met with the tour operator at the Costa Maya port. we were then led to a coach style bus and given a snack bag (the only plus!). bag included banana, chips, local snacks and a drink. unfortunately the bus was FREEZING. i had shorts and a jacket on, and i had a miserable 1.5 hours ride. (we chose this tour because the other Mayan Ruins was a 2.5 hours bus ride away – though supposed to be much bigger).

It was my first time seeing a Mayan Ruins – but this is probably not the good first impression – it seem rather small to me. just a few stories high. really just 2 buildings. we were able to climb up a one of them which is cool to get an elevated view. The guide seem nice and was explaining a lot of the history and stories – some of the people in the group (approx 20 or so) were really engaged, but i just couldn’t get my head into it. Nick and I mostly wandered on our own and took pictures.

The most interesting thing was some monkeys above our heads while we were walking back to the bus through the forest. the tour company did provide us with drink refreshments which was nice – though not as necessary since it wasn’t a hot day. but I would imagine it to be awesome treat otherwise.

overall – my least favourite excursion – but still interesting to have seen a Mayan ruin. perhaps it was just the crappy weather that made it not as enjoyable as it may otherwise have been. o well.

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