Cruise Excursion #2: Discover Scuba

Port: Belize
Tour Operator: Hugh Parkey’s
Excursion: Discover Scuba (non-certified)
Cruise: Carnival Dream

This is not the first time Nick and I had done a beginner’s scuba dive. however, compared to the first one we did in Hawaii where we got instructions via flip charts…this was 100% times better. Not only do they show you via video (VHS tape…lol). but then the guide walks you through what you will be learning in the skills testing (in shallow open water) by showing us all the hand gestures and what you are expected to do. then they bring you to the shallow open water, and you are grouped in 3-4 per instructor. they go through exactly what was told to us on land, and you have to pass 4 skills. 1. Take the regulator out and back in. 2. take the regulator out and let it float away and bring it back. 3. using your buddy’s back up regulator. 4. filling your mask with half water. Once they are satisfied you can do these 4 things, you then get re-grouped for the dive.

Nick, his sister, and I were put in a group with our guide. they ferry us into a different area, at edge of the great barrier reef – it’s too far for them to bring us as beginners. we were then unceremoniously dropped off the ferry and in we go! The guide also had a whiteboard where he wrote things of interest to us. We saw a seahorse, a few different type of fish, jellyfish, sea cucumber etc. unfortunately our group did NOT see the turtle that was around us. It’s one of the things we look for when we snorkel/dive because Nick really wants to see one in water.

Overall, i was a lot more comfortable doing this scuba dive. my experience in Hawaii was ok. it didn’t make me love it. this time, it intrigued me a lot more. Enough that Nick and I will be getting certified before our next hot weather vacation in 2011!

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