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This is a journal about our travel adventures as we head out from Toronto to all the different locations around the world.  unfortunately as we are not multi-millionaires, we don’t get to travel as often as we would like – restricted to vacation days from work. Nonetheless, we try to make the best out of our experiences – we explore, relax, have fun, and takes tons and TONS of pictures.  The average number of pictures per day on a trip would be 300-500.  A low photo day would be around 100 pics.   Needless to say, as days go by, we start having trouble remembering all the wonderful details of our trip; from jumping off a local cliff into a water hole, hugging pandas for glorious 7 mins, to remembering the places we’ve been to like Uluwatu.   This journal helps us track our adventures as well as to share with friends and fellow travellers.  And yes, you will see tons and tons of pictures of us – all photos on this site was taken by us.

Our idea of a great vacation ranges from running around exploring little markets and streets, seeing beautiful architectures, and discovering little areas to call our own.  We also plan vacation to have relaxation built in – whether that is a day on the beach, or chilling at a park for the day or a visit to a great spa – we always make time from the hectic schedule of traveling.  Ever since we started this in 2009, one of our favourite past time is to flip through the pictures and entries to remind us of the wonderful experiences we have shared.

Till the next vacation,

Petrina & Nicholas

2011 – Fort Lauderdale, Washington DC, St Lucia, Mayan Riviera, Jamaica (Negril, Lucea), Hong Kong

2010 – Mont Tremblant, Turks & Caicos, Boston, Western Carribean Cruise (Cozumel, Belize, Rotan, Costa Maya)

2009 – Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, LA coastal drive to San Fran, Ottawa, Muskoka

2008 – Whistler/Vancouver, Hawaii, New York City,  Las Vegas

2007 – Paris, French Riviera, San Francisco,  Bali, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Chengdu

3 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Hey Guys!!!

    Wow! Love the site and think it’s a GREAT idea!!! Great way to keep track of all the wonderful places you two have been! :o)

    Hope all’s well with you guys!~ miss you!

    SAFE TRAVELS always


  2. Hi Petrina, this is aweome…thanks for sharing with me. What a great way to share your travels with friends. I will definitley be hitting you up for a little help in getting my own blog going – you know how technical I am not. I would really like to place my own pictures from our upcoming trip to Roatan…..and some of the other places we have been…….

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